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Jun 19
11:00 am
12:00 pm
(GMT -4) New York
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About this event:

‘When we signed up to change the world, we didn’t realise we would have to change ourselves’.  - Aarathi Krishnan.

It's exciting to think of a whole new world. One where the problems of today are wiped away. But if we're to dream of a new way of working or running organisations to make this change happen, then we need to shine a light on our blindspots.

Making these visions of a fair world come in from the fringes will take a fundamental shift in ourselves. To confront the hidden privilege at our core, to challenge the mental models through which we see the world around us.

Who’s voices are we hearing and who is out in the cold? Who’s in the room when we ‘imagine’ new futures and how are we making the future just and equitable? Are we careful not to colonise our futures and ourselves?

If this moment, this 'great reset', really is a chance to build a different future then let's have this conversation today. And challenge ourselves to think better.

The session

Join Aarathi Krishnan and Panthea Lee for an open conversation designed to confront our mental models and recognise the ways they need to change if we want a fairer future.

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Hosted by
Aarathi Krishnan
Aarathi specialises in humanitarian futures and strategic foresight. She has worked in humanitarian and development aid globally for over 15 years, the last ten with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent where she recently led an process to design and develop its Global Strategy 2030 to transform the movement.
Panthea Lee
Panthea is the Executive Director of Reboot. In over 30 countries, she's facilitated unlikely but transformative collaborations between communities, activists, and institutions to advance social justice. Panthea has led global co-creation processes to protect civic space, tackle corruption, strengthen participatory democracy, reform international agencies, and drive media innovation.
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