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Jun 19
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
(GMT -4) Ottawa
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About this event:

Abe Greenspoon and Jennifer MacLeod from Canada are committed to exploring better ways of leading, and better ways of looking after the health of people in the workplace. 

They have recently interviewed a group of public sector executives to explore a new and emerging model of leadership. 

During this session, they will present some highlights of their findings and invite participants to share their experiences of leading in new and emergent ways. They have invited two Canadian public sector executives who will also share their reflections. 

Together, the group will explore leadership practices that are attuned to the future of our organizations.

The panellists for the sessions are Rumon Carter, Executive Director at Exchange Labs and Lauren Hunter, Director at Talent Cloud.

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Hosted by
Abe Greenspoon
Abe is a Canadian public servant currently leading a project on organizational health at Statistics Canada. His mission over the past few years has become to help public servants discover and create the conditions for their success. Abe sees government, at its most basic level, as a manifestation of a group of people deciding to combine their resources to do the things we can’t do alone.
Jennifer MacLeod
Jennifer is an executive coach and entrepreneur who has spent the last 30 years supporting C-Suite and mid to senior level managers through professional transition. This has been done in the context of executive assessment and development, coaching, building leadership capacity, succession planning and diagnostics of leadership practices as they pertain to business development and strategy.
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