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Jun 20
12:00 pm
12:00 pm
(GMT +3) Helsinki
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About this event:

To tackle global and societal challenges like the SDG’s and Climate Change - we need collaborations at a scale beyond individual projects and organisations.

We need to invest in building our portfolio capabilities - so that we can have scalable impact and work across the whole system for transformation. 

By orchestrating entire innovation ecosystems, we can bridge and create coherence between the adaptive and practical efforts that are at play. This session will focus on building an understanding of the capabilities and capacities that are needed in organisations to work in systems transformations. 

In this session, you will hear from a leading international expert on portfolio approaches at Sitra Lab in Finland, as well as a practical case study - on how the Smart and Clean Foundation are orchestrating an ecosystem approach in their work on climate solutions.

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Hosted by
Mikael Seppälä
Mikael works with helping organizations adopt innovation portfolios and strengthening their capacities in systems change.
Iina Oilinki
Iina develops the foundation’s approach to orchestrate the ecosystem and create innovations.
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