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Jun 20
10:00 am
11:30 am
(GMT -4) Ottawa
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About this event:

Many of us are experiencing the need to respond rapidly to Covid-19, to make good decisions in uncertainty and to operate more adaptively.

Sense-making practices are essential to enacting these shifts, enabling us to see patterns, hold multiple, divergent perspectives, navigate complexity and work in participatory ways with colleagues and partners. 

But how can we practically implement sense-making in our organisations? 

Join our session to experience sense-making, from individual, pair, group and collective perspectives, and to learn how to prototype sense-making practices in your organisation.

Gemma Drake, Abe Greenspoon and Emily Bazalgette will coach participants through the principles, practices and frameworks leaders and change makers can use to facilitate sense-making inside their organizations.

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Hosted by
Abe Greenspoon
Abe is a Canadian public servant currently leading a project on organizational health at Statistics Canada. His mission over the past few years has become to help public servants discover and create the conditions for their success. Abe sees government, at its most basic level, as a manifestation of a group of people deciding to combine their resources to do the things we can’t do alone.
Emily Bazalgette
Emily is an Organisational Designer. She helps social impact organisations to become more adaptive and better equipped to design the policies, services, products and communities we need to create a fairer, more collaborative society. Emily works with central and local governments, foundations, charities and NGOs, in the UK and internationally.
Gemma Drake
Gemma is a designer with a thirst for social change. As Systems Change Lead at The Children's Society she helps the charity build their capacity, learning & tools to leverage the most impactful changes for young people in society. She collaborates with organisations & communities, both in the UK and Globally, to make sense of the ‘dark matter’, by shifting how power is seen & how voices are heard.
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