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Jun 20
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
(GMT +2) Copenhagen
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About this event:

We're not destined to work in the same job over the course of our careers anymore, that much is true. Instead, we've learnt to shift and adapt to the roles that take our interest, or the ones most urgently needed. Some of these roles we could not have even imagined just a decade ago.

So, 20 years in to the 21st century what's the role of a government official? And are those roles shifting fast enough to keep pace with the needs of society? Think about this: when you signed up to work in or with government what did you imagine your day-to-day work would look like? How does it need to change? 

Policy entrepreneurship has taken a few forms in different parts of the world. As a concept, it's starting to get traction. And forged in the crisis we're living through, there have been new functions of government, new roles born overnight.

Whatever these roles and functions might be, they need to sustain a shift to creating a government that better meets the needs of its people. Join us as we explore what these roles might be.

Millie Begovic, Tom Kalil and Chad Hartnell have all created new roles and new forms of government across illustrious careers in and around government. They join us for a robust Q&A on what the future roles of government change makers could look like.

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Hosted by
Millie Begovic
Millie is a ninja, innovating through the cracks of one of the world’s largest bureaucracies, the UN system. Millie eats Dark Matter for breakfast. She’s bringing innovation to development - one person, and one experiment at a time. She works with teams to find out new ways of tackling stubborn problems, test out fresh ideas and new perspectives.
Tom Kalil
Tom Kalil is Chief Innovation Officer at Schmidt Futures. In this role, Tom leads initiatives to harness technology for societal challenges, improve science policy, and identify and pursue 21st century moonshots. Prior to Schmidt Futures, Tom served in the White House for two Presidents (Obama and Clinton), helping to design and launch national science and technology initiatives.
Chad Hartnell
Chad is the Director of Operations of the Innovation Hub in the Privy Council Office. In this role, he is responsible for leading the development of new impact measurement methodologies, such as social return on investment, and working with federal partners on the mainstreaming of social financing tools and other experimental program approaches
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