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About this event:

This offering is a tool for reflection – because we’ve got a lot (a lot) to do.

Take up the invitation to spend some time in the natural world as a form of reflective practice. In your own time and your own place. You will be guided through a walking reflective exercise which will give you the space to integrate some learning and begin to make sense of a situation.

We will explore a place in our lives where we feel an edge, and what we can learn about those situations – and ourselves – from natural systems.

What you’ll need:

1) Something to listen to the the audio with.
2) Something to write on.
3) That's it!

We'd love to hear how it went:


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Hosted by
Rose Mosse
Rose works in the Innovation Skills team as a Learning Experience Designer, collaborating on States of Change, a global collective pioneering a movement in public sector innovation. Prior to joining Nesta, Rose worked as a process designer and facilitator at a public and social innovation lab in Canada, running a lab on economic immigration in New Brunswick.
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