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Jun 21
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
(GMT +1) London
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About this event:

The Creative Bureaucracy – what is it, and what does it look like through the eyes of an individual, an organization and the system. 

At its simplest – being imaginative as an individual is one thing, but being creative in an organizational context is something else all together. Organizational creativity implies having some sense of the needs of a team and where a number of qualities need to work together well to achieve good result. And then there is the issue of a system – be that the public administration as a whole or a city and so on.

Join us a conversation between Charles Landry and some interesting bureaucrats to explore what getting creative means, and what is possible as a result.

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Hosted by
Charles Landry
Charles works with cities around the world to help them make the most of their potential and facilitates complex urban change projects. He is co-founder of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. He has published extensively. Most recently The Civic City in a Nomadic World, The Creative Bureaucracy (w Margie Caust), An Advanced Introduction to the Creative City, Psychology & the City (w Chris Murray)
Margie Caust
Margie is an urban strategist focusing on city futures and how governments can think more creatively about their existing assets, people and opportunities. She co-wrote 'The Creative Bureaucracy and its radical common sense' with Charles Landry. Margie has worked globally in facilitating cross government & cross regional collaboration, building economic programs & contributing to big picture.
Jesper Christiansen
Jesper is Co-founder and Director at States of Change. He is first and foremost a public innovation thinker and practitioner. His work focuses on how to deal more effectively with public problems to better in order to most effectively pursue the common good.
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